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My Own Tree is the gift of a tall, beautiful living tree, planted by landscaping professionals in one’s own garden or any desired location, and accompanied by a fine pewter medallion to commemorate the occasion.

The tradition of gift giving will never change - virtually every culture and civilization will honor significant people through the endowment of an object of beauty and value. But now, as an appreciation for simplicity gains momentum within our society, along with concerns for the environment, My Own Tree satisfies the growing demand for gifts that not only reward the individual, but enhance the earth as well.

My Own Tree is welcomed by individuals and organizations because it offers the perfect combination of environmental consciousness, intrinsic beauty and infinite value. Fully customizable, the accompanying ready-to-engrave medallion provides an elegant way to adorn the tree and create a lasting record of this very special event. As an added dimension, it arrives in an attractive keepsake box that can serve as a picture frame to display a photograph of the tree on one’s desk or mantel.

Perhaps because it feels just as good to give My Own Tree as it does to receive, people are selecting My Own Tree as a tribute for occasions such as:

  • Corporate relationships, executive awards, retirement, promotions and other events.
  • Gifts for clients who have purchased  real estate or vehicles.
  • Family celebrations such as weddings, housewarmings and the birth of a child.
  • To honor the memory of a friend, loved one or colleague.
  • Fundraisers.
  • Closing Gift.
My Own Tree is the gift of an exquisite, robust Canadian Maple tree - never a seedling or sapling. In fact, only the highest quality nursery-grown trees with full crown and vibrant foliage, are chosen for this honor. The tree is then delivered to any location within the GTA and planted by landscaping professionals, according to the wishes of the individual receiving it.

What’s more, the survival of My Own Tree is guaranteed for one full year. A newly planted tree should be given plenty of water at the time of planting and should be watered at least once a week during the first growing season, for best results.
People have elected to enhance the beauty of a variety of locations and sites with My Own Tree, such as:
  • Their own homes and properties.
  • The gardens of their children and other family members.
  • The land surrounding corporate offices and headquarters.
  • Schools, hospitals, non-profit organizations, etc.
To redeem this gift, the recipient will visit or complete and return the postage-paid registration certificate enclosed in their My Own Tree package. To ensure the success of the tree and the satisfaction of its new owner, the individual will receive a consultation from a member of a team of professional, award-winning landscapers dedicated to the highest level of client service and care. A location, time and date will then be arranged for the planting of the tree, within the optimal planting season. My Own Tree is a gift that never expires and can be claimed at any time.